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Bess’ sequencing toolbox

creature yoga unfolding the lotus vinyasa yoga vinyāsa yoga sequencing āsana Apr 17, 2023

Every yoga teacher has their own unique toolbox that they pull from in planning classes - a whole variety of elements, some of them universal (the phillips head screwdriver), some of them more particular to the teacher (your grandmother's pencil sharpener, anyone?!).

Here are some of the elements Bess Prescott uses to plan her signature creative, challenging, transformational yoga classes, from basic building blocks to more specialised elements.

For a breakdown of each of these elements and how to use them to full effect, join our 50 hour on-demand sequencing training, Unfolding the Lotus, with Bess and Tahl.  

Bess' sequencing toolbox: 

• Applied anatomy

• How to make a class challenging but manageable

• Level of intensity consistent throughout class

• Focusing in on one particular movement or cue that’s relevant to the peak

• Integrating prāṇāyāma with the theme or pose

• Teaching people how to observe bodies – body reading for individual cuing

• Slow pace and solid rhythm to keep energy calm and contained even with a high level of intensity

• Standing poses – relevant to the peak

• Breath cues

• Long seated sequence to warm down

• How to be compassionate AND confrontational

• Sanskrit

• History

• Texts

• Mythology

Learn how to utilise these elements to create intelligent, purposeful, transformational yoga classes.

To begin or deepen your vinyāsa sequencing journey: sign up for Unfolding the Lotus here

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