Unfolding the Lotus

A 50 hour sequencing training with Tahl and Bess

Unfolding the Lotus

This is an on-demand online course with Bess Prescott and Tahl Rinsky. 





This course is focused on intelligent, purposeful sequencing for vinyasa yoga.

We look at peak pose sequencing, applied anatomy, advancing or modifying a class, creating flow state, and some easy hacks for creative sequencing. You'll consider how to create sustainable intensity throughout a class, how to integrate prāṇāyāma practices, where and when to include philosophy, and how to use standing poses as the bread and butter of your sequences.

This course is the equivalent of 50 hours of Advanced Teacher Training with Creature Yoga, or 50 CE hours, both certified with Yoga Alliance. 

What's Included?

  • 16 high level classes
  • 13 recorded live calls with Bess and Tahl for sequence analysis, lecture and discussion
  • Manual including all written sequences
  • Lifetime access
  • Ongoing support
  • Completion certificate

Your Teachers 

Bess Prescott

Bess has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. She takes a scholarly approach to the practice, based on original texts, and completed first year Sanskrit Studies at ANU in 2021. She has been teaching yoga since 2011 and is Yoga Alliance ERYT500 certified.

Tahl Rinsky

As a teacher, Tahl shares a creative and accessible breath focused Vinyasa flow influenced by ashtanga in a strong, fun and dynamic style. Her classes celebrate the raw beauty of life’s moments and the individual strengths each of us carry within. Tahl is Yoga Alliance ERYT200 and RYT500 certified.

Unfolding the Lotus 

Yoga Alliance Certified


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What our students are saying 

Marjon (Melbourne)

Thanks for another amazing 50 hour module 🔥♥️Always providing food for thought and insight in how we may be authentic, intelligent teachers out in the beautiful wild world! 

Anette, Berlin

Thank you so much for this amazing course. I am really enjoying it! I live in Berlin so I am really grateful for the recordings of the live calls. I learned a lot of new things, some important details, got very inspired for future classes, and I understood quite a lot about my own practice. Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge, thank you for your great classes and your wonderful energy.

Valerie, Ireland

I just wanted to say thanks so much the course. I used to practice and teach a lot of vinyasa but my enthusiasm had waned a bit. So this course was a dive back in and it has lit a spark in me again. It was so useful to get two very different approaches and perspectives from each of you.

Elsie, Melbourne 

Thank you so much Bess and Tahl for this training, really got so much out of it, particularly the push towards sequencing more specifically for a pose throughout the whole class, as my sequences started to blur after a while if they weren’t as specific to a peak or a theme. Also thank you for creating these sequences and giving us permission to go out and teach them / make them our own 🙏

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