Lectures with Dena Kingsberg

Lectures with Dena Kingsberg

(from Finding Grace)

Welcome to a rare 10 hour series of lectures filmed with Dena Kingsberg in Byron Bay during the COVID lockdown, through June and July 2020. The lectures were originally filmed for a live course called Finding Grace, co-taught by Dena with Tahl and Bess. Content is focused on the teachings of Patañjali. Learn to chant selected sutras from the text, understand the original meaning, and apply these rich and relevant teachings to your life and your yoga practice.

If you’re looking for the 50 hour Yoga Alliance approved course called Finding Grace, it is available here for self study

About Dena Kingsberg

Dena has been studying and practicing traditional ashtanga yoga for over 30 years. She remains inspired and deeply committed to the vast healing potential of this life changing practice. As one of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois’s most devoted and long term female students Dena is graced with Certification to teach from the AYRI and the Indian Government. Dena has a disciplined yet lyrical style of teaching. Her holistic approach looks beyond external form to guide the individual residing within. She teaches classical yoga to those seeking transformation. Dena is invited to lecture and share workshops internationally and when at home she teaches daily from her yoga Shala in Byron Bay.

a conversation about life

contemplating  the wisdom of Patanjali Yoga Sutras

breath – vibration – recitation ( chanting ) – exploration – discussion and contemplation
we integrate the philosophy of yoga.

in the hope of
becoming relaxed in oneself

exploring the potentially uncomfortable path to an expansive destination

disentanglement, freedom and  joy.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are a Sanskrit literary work that describe the philosophy of yoga and its applied practice. They systematically present a way of seeing that inspires awakening and positive change, resulting in more comfortable relationships and a clearer understanding of the part we each play in influencing our own reality.

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