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A weekend with Clive Sheridan

  • Creature Yoga 6b, 11 Banksia ddrive Byron Bay (map)

Clive will start each daily session with an invigorating and energising all-round Asana practice, with a particular focus on the breath. This will be followed by a meditative exploration of essential Pranayama rhythms, guided with Clive’s sensitive insight acquired over many years of exploration. A Satsang sharing will complete each day, where we will lovingly inquire into our potential to awaken the heart from its emotional veils, and free the mind from its tendency for confusion, thus ultimately fulfilling our Yogic life.

About Clive


Following Clive’s first overland journey from Europe to India in 1966, he was ‘called’ onto the path of Yoga. Over the following years he travelled extensively in India, and alongside the physical exploration of Asana & Pranayama, he became immersed in devotional meditation to the Goddess in all our hearts. Meeting his very wild and uncompromising spiritual mentor in the late 1980’s in West Bengal, this devotion became merged in self inquiry into the true nature of the mind. Through the highest Blessings of the great Mother, and with the grace of the Guru, Clive was blessed with a precious liberation beyond the mind a few years later.
Clive’s unique Yogic cocktail has “matured” into a potent sharing of Hatha Yoga practices which he terms: “Tools for Transformation”! With a deepening yogic focus, we are called to gaze directly and lovingly into matters of the heart and mind, with the potential to dissolve and heal all unresolved emotions veiling our heart space, and to settle into spaciousness beyond the busy mind!
“Self inquiry is the Siva & devotion the Shakti within us!” - with Hatha Yoga Sadhana the means to awaken to our Bliss.

Cost: $140 for the weekend (2 workshops). 10% discount for members, 10% early bird discount until June 10. 

 Please note that individual workshops are not available.