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Tahir Qawwal and Vijay Krsna | Kirtan

Join international devotional singers Tahir Qawwal and Vijay Krsna (Kirtaniyas) for a special Kirtan session. This is a unique opportunity to sing together with these passionate musicians, on the eve of their world tours. All welcome, no experience necessary!

Qawwali and Kirtan share traditional roots as devotional art forms that inspire connection to the divine through poetry and song. We are lucky to see musicians from these two branches collaborate in the spirit of tolerance and love.

About Tahir

Tahir Qawwal carries the tradition and teachings of the Sufis in his music, particularly the ancient music of Qawwali from India and Pakistan. Tahir performs with his US based qawwali group Fanna-Fi-Allah, and teaches Raaga music in Australia and the US ( With worldwide acclaim, Tahir Qawwal continues to carry on an ancient wisdom through music, a wisdom that is not only heard, but is profoundly felt.

About Vijay

Vijay Krsna studied Kirtan in the sacred village of Vrindavan, India and grew up singing in ashrams & temples in India and the West. He leads the Kirtaniyas - a global collective of musicians, producers and dancers. The Kirtaniyas tour the world infusing new life to ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy. They have recorded a number of albums that push the boundaries of genre: melodious electronic dance music and subsonic bass meet the call and response singing of ancient Sanskrit mantras and live acoustic instruments.

Cost: $15 online or $20 on the door. Doors open 6.30pm.