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Dana Diament | Yoga Fundamentals

Healthy and safe alignment in yoga poses is essential to reduce the risk of injury and to build a foundation on which a practice can grow. Our Fundamentals workshop is designed for people who are either new to the practice or for practitioners who would like to revisit basic alignment principles. This 2 hour interactive workshop will cover the poses that form the Sun Salutations including Downward Dog, Chaturanga, Upward Dog and Warrior Poses as well as how to safely and effectively transition between them. We’ll also review how to sit for meditation, yogic breathing, and a few other foundational poses. This workshop will be taught in a conversational style so that you have an opportunity to ask questions and gain the clarity you need to feel confident and safe in our open level classes. With greater awareness of how you position yourself on the mat you will find more comfort and ease in the body, which allows you to access deeper layers of the mind and spirit and enhances the potency of our yoga practice.

About Dana

Dana Diament is passionate about blending eastern and western perspectives in her teaching. Her classes are based in a strong understanding of functional anatomy and weave together intelligent sequencing, effective alignment, playful flows, and practical insights. With over 15 years of practice that has included both advanced asana and injury recovery, Dana brings experience to guide students at all levels of the yoga practice. She encourages each student to dive deep into the awareness of their body and mind to connect to their own source of wisdom, creativity, strength and tranquility.

Dana is currently working on her 1000hr teacher training certification with Yoga Medicine. She is personally mentored by Tiffany Cruikshank and travels across the globe to assist and teach at Yoga Medicine trainings.

Cost: $30 (10% discount for members)