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Rod Stryker | The Art and Science of Practice: An Immersion

Practice, called sadhana in Sanskrit, is the cornerstone of our experience of yoga. What and how we practice determines what we ultimately gain from this ancient system. In our modern age of group classes and a wide range of yoga styles, how does a seeker ensure that they're getting the most from their practice? What do the insights of the yoga tradition tell us about how to use our practice to best prepare for life and ultimately fulfil our role as a spiritual seeker? Since practice can and should be tailored to meet our individual needs, what is the systematic approach to achieve one's highest aims with wisdom and dedication? In this weekend we'll explore the sources of Tantric hatha yoga––through asana, bandha, pranayama and meditation––with particular focus on the stages of practice that impact one, your mind, two, your energy, and three, your soul.

Friday Afternoon Talk and Practice 2-5pm

Supreme Practice, Supreme Life: Tantra Yoga and The Six Gems

Saturday 12:00am-3:00pm Asana, Bandha, Vinyasa

Bandha is the doorway into the energetics of practice. Perfection of bandha increases our sensitivity and relationship to prana (life force). It also builds creative power, awakens self-knowledge and accelerates the process of transformation. Learn the keys to bandha theory and practice in asana and beyond. Our emphasis is on taking your practice, wherever it currently is, to the next level. Class includes asana, pranayama and some lecture.

Saturday 4:00-6.30pm Sushumna Vinyasa: Awakening the Sacred Channel

According to Tantra, the spine––and more specifically, the energy channel inside it, called sushumna––is the abode of our soul’s untapped potential and a direct link to Spirit. In this session, we move through a practice to build stillness and clarity, while awakening the central channel and unlocking the energy that resides within it.

Sunday 12:00am-3:00pm Shakti Vinyasa: The Power of Mudra

Mudra is the culmination of the physical practice of Tantric hatha yoga. The most energetically profound of all hatha practices, mudra incorporates asana, breath, and bandha, thereby bridging yoga’s physical and spiritual practices. Experience this internally challenging, powerful and sacred modality in the flow of a progressive sequence. Learn the how, why, and what of this most profound of tantric hatha practices. Previous pranayama experience strongly recommended.

Sunday 4:00-6.30pm Yoga Nidra: Relax Into Greatness

Yoga Nidra is the sublime science of complete relaxation. Because of its unique capacity to transform all of the “layers” that the soul inhabits, yoga nidra is both a complete method for maximizing health and vitality as well as one of the tradition’s most profound and accessible ways to positively affect destiny. As it relates to yoga nidra, Rod outlines the theory of sankalpa, how thought is brought into form, and how this relates to the overall concept of dharma. Bring what you will need (blankets, a pillow, a thick mat, etc.) to rest comfortably on your back.

Cost: $350 (10% discount for members)

Please note that this is an immersion. Individual workshops are not available separately. 

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