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Dena Kingsberg | Blue Moon Class

This blue moon class is a creative derivative of ashtanga yoga and suitable for practitioners of any style. It will combine the elements of breath and bandha in a methodical informative sequence. Inspiring conscious movement for the promotion of freedom and longevity in an organic unfurling. Simple pranayama will evolve into mantra chanting in an expression of heart through sound.

About Dena
Dena Kingsberg has been studying and practicing traditional ashtanga yoga for over 30 years. She remains inspired and deeply committed to the vast healing potential of this life changing practice. As one of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois's most devoted female students, she completed the fourth series in 1996, and is graced with certification to teach this method.

"Unrealistic expectation leads to discontent. The acceptance of all – dark and light, smooth and rough alike with an open heart and pure intention leads to genuine transformation. Inspiration can be found in nature’s organic irregularity. Inspiration and beauty can be found within the unique irregularity of you. We practice, not for the sake of a perfect pose, but for the prana that stirs the blood and inspires change."

Cost: $59 (with 10% early bird discount until 31 December)