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Gwyn Williams | Less of THIS, more of this

THIS is the hand held tight... a clenched fist, a wanting, a grasping, a contraction. 'this' is a hand falling open, a trust, an openness, a spaciousness, a freedom.

To bring our awareness to where we are caught and rather than TRY to be uncaught, just notice where the fixations and limiting patterns exist to effortlessly let them fall away. This class will look at postural patterns, the lungs and large intestine meridians and invite you to be courageously honest... using the tools of breath, movement and mindful touch.

40% asana, 20% partner flows, 20% therapeutic body work. 

About Gwyn
Gwyn has been teaching his entire adult life. Earlier as a physical education teacher, martial arts instructor and later as a yoga teacher and Zenthai facilitator. His passion for alternative therapies and connecting his heart with his hands led to him teaching Zen Shiatsu at his created Mt. Ninderry Healing Centre in 1999. Since this initial class he has become a national and international teacher of his own form of bodywork/movement and awareness. When not teaching class or treating clients he is surfing waves, loving his family, running mountains, spending time in Nature, enjoying Yoga and constantly Bowing down to Source.

Cost: $59 (with 10% early bird discount until 31 December 2016)