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Duncan Peak | Applied Anatomy & Physiology - Peak Series

Join YogiDunx for a 2.5hr lecture-based class that inquires into why we can & can’t do poses, beyond just mere flexibility. In this workshop Dunx will use students to show variations in poses and why dogmatic alignment cueing is archaic and unintelligent.

Yogidunx will break down different ranges needed for different poses, why some people can do these and why some can’t? He will look at body proportions and explain why this is so relevant to how people approach asana.

The session will begin with an hour of up-skill / review of basic anatomy relevant to yogis, so we can then start to make the leap from knowing muscle names, to understanding how tissues & bones function and how they restrict people in poses. This type of understanding will immediately transfer into your own practice & if you are a teacher, this workshop will help you see students in a whole new light. An epic and fascinating afternoon to help us understand those little things we cant quite get in class!

Cost: $59