Sydney airport healthy food guide | Taya Prescott

We fly back and forth to Sydney much more often than we would like, so it's good to know that there are healthy food options waiting for us in Sydney after a full day of yoga, or to fuel us up for the big city.

Here are some of our choices for the Sydney airport domestic T2 terminal, where Jetstar, Virgin, Rex and Tiger flights arrive and depart. 

If I'm on an early flight, or feeling like a vitamin c kick after aeroplane air con, I head straight for Inbound cafe for a coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice when I get in. Located at the bottom of the exit escalator at the Virgin end of the terminal, it's just before you head out the doors towards pick up or the taxi rank. They are fast, which is important on the run, and the coffee is decent. 

Departures, after security screening is where it's really at. You can also walk through here upon your arrival (before you go through to baggage claim) if you have hungry kids or really couldn't face the in flight menu! 

Sahara Grill is a surprise front runner. Bess and I weren't fooled by the kebab shop appearance or proximity to a certain fast food restaurant. We opted for a delicious mixed vegetarian plate piled high with fresh tabouli, red cabbage salad, rice and lentils, humous, falafel, dolmades and a cabbage roll. It didn't beat our Lebanese aunt's version, but for airport food it was a winner. The serves are generous, and one plate was plenty for both of us. A word of warning - like all good Lebanese food there is plenty of garlic involved! 

The Mad Mex naked burrito bowl is another good hearty option to get you through your trip. Fill it up with beans, rice and salad and skip the sour cream and cheese if you want a dairy free version. 

If you're in need of a coffee, Brasserie Bread does soy, almond and lactose free milk options.

Roll'd is known for it's take out style Vietnamese cuisine. Go for the rice paper rolls, filled with fresh veggies, or the pho soup with delicious broth and noodles if you are looking for something more substantial. Ask for a side of fresh chilli to avoid the bottled sauces.


I always feel that on the whole, you can't go wrong with a salad. Sumo Green Label has a big counter filled with colourful salads and sandwiches. I try to stick to vego salads here, and whichever looks greenest and most freshly made. I also steer clear of salads with lots of add ins like pasta, cheese or creamy mayo dressings. These guys also have pre made cold pressed juices and almond milk smoothies for sale. We noticed natvia/stevia in the ingredients list so double check if you're not into those sweeteners. 


This is just a very quick snapshot. I'm sure there are more healthy options to be uncovered. When we visited, the restaurants in the centre of the food court were under construction. We'll update this guide if we find anything delicious when they reopen.