A dynamic yoga practice linking breath and movement. May include pranayama, mantra, asana and meditation. Some experience required. 



A down-tempo class mixing gentle asana, yin and restorative poses. Uses plenty of props and sometimes incorporates massage balls for trigger point release. Aims to release physical and mental tension. All levels welcome.



Intentional vinyasa followed by myofascial release using props and massage balls. All levels welcome.



You don't want to do a restorative class, but you're not up for a sweaty vinyasa class? Slow Flow is for you - no advanced poses, no chaturangas, plenty of modifications and a slower pace. Perfect if you're a beginner, a mama-to-be, nursing an injury, or you just want to chill. 



A class for everyone: for new students to set a strong and safe foundation for their practice, and for senior students to strengthen the foundations of their practice. Will feature uncomplicated asana, pranayama, bandha and meditation, providing space for questions and clear explanations of how and why we do this yoga thing. 



A gentle, flowing baby-friendly class, for mamas to have some time for yourself, for you to move your body, stretch and breathe. A casual class where anything goes and everything is welcome. Feed, change or just have a cuddle with your bub anytime you need. Arrive when you can, leave early if need be. Normal class passes and prices apply.